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European Division of WFRtDS

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2004 Tokyo Declaration
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

Former president World Federation of Right to Die Societies died
Aug 21, 1970

Patrick Nowell-Smith, who was president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies from l984-1986 has died in England at the age of 91.

News from non-member countries
Aug 21, 1970


Sergio Zorrilla, a philosopher specializing in bioethics on the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Santiago, said about persistent vegetative states, that of 20,000 people who have been in this state, maybe two will wake up, and they do not return to normal at all."It makes no sense to prolong the suffering and the act of dying," he argued, "because it not only hurts the person who is dying, but all of the patient's loved ones as well. It makes no sense to prolong the agony when medicine can cure and heal other patients.

Thwaites Sponsors Dying With Dignity Petition
Aug 21, 1970

A petition with over eight thousand signatures was presented to the Parliament by the Deputy Premier on Tuesday 17th July.

Meeting of Friends at the End in Glasgow on 22 January 2005
Aug 21, 1970

This next meeting, open to members & friends, will feature the interests of Disabled People.

Aims and Activities Swedish Society RTVD
Aug 21, 1970

The Swedish Society RTVD (Right to Die with Dignity), which was founded in 1974, currently has some 2,500 members. This does not however reflect the fact that a considerably larger number of people sympathise with the aims and work of the society. The RTVD finds the developments in the Netherlands in the field of euthanasia encouraging although in respect of conditions in Sweden there is still a long way to go.

Lords publish on assisted dying bill
Aug 21, 1970

Today, April 4th 2005, a House of Lords Committee published its report on a Bill seeking to legalise assistance with suicide and voluntary euthanasia for terminally-ill people who are mentally competent and suffering unbearably.

Lecture on Terminally Ill Law of Israel
Aug 21, 1970

The Terminally Ill Law, 2005, which was passed by the Knesset on 6/12/05, will come into effect on 16/12/06. In this article, Retired Supreme Court Judge Eliyahu Matza, President of Lilach, explains the principles of the Law in layman words.

New medical guidelines
Aug 21, 1970

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences has produced a report on the Care of patients in the terminal phase of life. This latest version stresses the rights of all patients, who are competent, to determine whether or not various treatments may be administered. This is the case even if third parties think the patient’s wishes are against their best interests and apply whether the patient is a child, an adolescent or is legally incapacitated.

Results of the World Conference of the WFRtDS
Aug 21, 1970

On the page about all the conferences you can find a link to the results of the Toronto conference. It includes all the questionnaires plus the Glossaries of terms of several societies.


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