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Current stages of ‘right-to-die’ or opposing now in front of American legislatures.
Mar 13, 2012

Next to the existing laws Oregon and Washington, and Montana, the Right to Die is now being debated in a number of other USA States. Death with Dignity National Center provides the reader with an update on their blog. Worth reading!

Peter Goodwin - the doctor who helped pass the Oregon Law died
Mar 13, 2012

Derek Humphry on his blog: "If there is anybody in the right-to-die movement who made a radical difference it was Dr. Peter Goodwin, who brought his life to an end on 11 March 2012 in the presence of his family, using the law he helped to pass. Aged 83, he suffered from an incurable brain illness".

picture: Michael Lloyd; The Oregonian

ADMD France launches confronting posters in French Presidential Campaign
Mar 11, 2012

ADMD France has launched a new public poster campaign in favour of euthanasia legalisation in the scope of the forthcoming Presidential elections. ADMD F appeals with these posters to those candidates that have declared themselves to be even against the current Leonetti law.

Final Exit Network USA published its latest Newsletter 11-2, March 2012
Mar 3, 2012

Final Exit Network published its Newsletter, edition 11-2, March 2012.

ADMD Luxembourg publishes its new Bulletin nr 44
Mar 2, 2012

ADMD-L has published its 44th number of their Bulletin. For readers that understand French and/or German it can be downloaded here.

Euthanasia figures 2011 in Belgium published
Feb 29, 2012

Statistics show that more people are opting for euthanasia in Belgium. Last year, their number was 16 percent up on the year before. Euthanasia is especially carried out in Flanders, official figures point out.

Swiss figures assisted suicide in 2011
Feb 29, 2012 reports:

Assisted suicide numbers up in 2011

The number of people who ended their lives with the help of assisted suicide organisations increased significantly in 2011, the Sonntagszeitung newspaper has reported. Dignitas, which caters mainly for people from abroad, accompanied 144 people choosing to die at their premises in Pfaffikon near Zurich, an increase of 35 per cent on 2010.

Mobile euthanasia teams in The Netherlands to start on March 1, 2012
Feb 29, 2012

The Dutch RtD Society, NVVE will implement their plans to provide assistance to people with serious euthanasia requests, but get negative responses (for whatever reason)  from their own doctor. As a first step a first so called Mobile Euthanasia Team (consisting of a doctor and a nurse) will start on March 1, 2012. The requests and these teams will be coordinated from an organisation in The Hague, set up for this by NVVE.

Death with Dignity National Centre USA taking the edge of assisted dying myths
Feb 29, 2012

Melissa Barber, DWD National Centre USA's communications officer used their blog to take the edges of the so called Myths around legalisation of assisted dying. Although this emasculating is mainlyt directed at the USA regulations in Oregon adn Washington, the argumentation fits in all sorts of discussion around this topic.

"How to Die in Orgeon" can be ordered
Feb 28, 2012

The DVD of of the prize-winning documentary "How to Die in Oregon" from Peter Richardson is now available to order.

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