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European Division of WFRtDS

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DWDV Newsletter UPDATE, 'summer' 2011 edition published
Mar 7, 2011

UPDATE, DWD Victoria's newsletter, 'summer' 2011 edition is now available.  It includes points of particular immediacy and interest:

PubMed Selection February 2011
Feb 21, 2011

The new PubMed selection is now available by clicking here. The editor of the selection remarks that opposite this one (!) abstract of a substantial nature an enormous list of (un-refereed) articles, statements, comments and editorials against aid in dying appeared.

Mayo Clinic Review on differences between Palliative Sedation and other forms of end-of-life decisions
Feb 21, 2011

On the continuum of appropriate care at the end-of-life, Paliative Sedation (PS) has an important place. Health Care Professionals often voice concerns about the relationship to other end-of-life decisions, in particular to physician aid-in- dying (euthanasia and PAS).  In the Mayo Clinical Proceedings (October2010;85(10):949-954) clinicians Molly L. Olsen, Keith M. Swetz and Paul S. Mueller review the differentiation of PS from other forms of end-of-life decisions.

15 YEARS EXIT ITALIA - invitation for an Anniversary Meeting
Feb 14, 2011

EXIT ITALIA was founded in September 1996 and will celebrate this anniversary during a special meeting on May 21 and 22, 2011.
WFRtDS members are invited to participate free of charge. See for details and applicationform  the information document here.

Feb 14, 2011

Since the Oregon Death with Dignity Act was implemented in 1998, the Oregon Department of Human Services has been collecting data about terminally ill individuals who request to use Oregon's law to hasten their deaths. As before, the department publishesd the 2010 statistical report from the data collected. To read those, click here.

OBSERVATIONS in British Medical Journal on assisted dying in UK
Feb 14, 2011

The deputy editor Tony Delamotte of the British Medical Journal (BMJ/1january 2011/volume 342/28-29) notes in his observations that the (UK based) Falconer Commission on Assisted Dying has got its work cut out, now that in the debate contradictory "scientific" findings tumble over each other.

GERMANY's BUNDESÄRZTEKAMMER shows signs of shifting
Feb 2, 2011

The German Bundesärztekammer (BAK, the national Medical Association) has announced that they will relax the professional standard where it concerns their current attitude towards medically assisted suicide of a terminally ill person. This will be in the first half of this year 2011.

RELEVANT - NVVE's quarterly 4th edition published
Dec 29, 2010

Relevant can be read in Dutch or as an English summary.

e-BOOK about Dutch Euthanasia law for sale
Dec 29, 2010

A Belgian Bookshop (ACCO) is selling the e-version of an English book from Heleen Weijers on the Dutch Euthanasia law.

Dec 28, 2010

Portugal is one of the European countries where for different reasons and despite a majority in public support,  the formation of a Right to Die Society has not been realised  yet.


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