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A first report on half a year of euthanasia in Quebec
Nov 29, 2016

Quebec’s commission on end-of-life care published its first half-year report since medical aid in dying was allowed in December 2015. 161 reports were made, of which 85 have been assessed. 76 Reports still wait assessment by the commission.

Assisted dying in the Benelux
Nov 29, 2016

A whitepaper is published by Neil Francis of Dying for Choice Australia, providing comprehensive insight into assisted dying practice in Benelux. Francis concludes that rates of assisted dying in the Netherlands and Belgium have followed an expected sigmoid curve, now beginning to level out. Several factors have contributed to

Death with Dignity law passed by Council in Washington D.C.
Nov 29, 2016

The Council of the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) approved a Death with Dignity law. It was on final passage, with a 11 to 2 vote in favor. The legislation is supported by 67 percent of District residents. The bill is now sent to Mayor Bowser. A spokesperson for the mayor said

Death with Dignity Bill 2016 defeated in South Australian Parliament
Nov 18, 2016

After the agreed Parliamentary debate on 17 November, the McFetridge Bill was sadly defeated. At 4.12 am on November 18 the debate closed in a tied vote 23:23. The Speaker cast his vote: against. He always was

Newsletter Deutsche DGHS published
Nov 18, 2016

DGHS, the German RtD Society published its Newsletter November 2016. Read it here. (in German only)

Newsletter Deutsche DGHS publiziert
Nov 18, 2016

DGHS, die Deutsche RtD Society publizierte Ihre Newsletter November 2016.

Colorado passes medical aid in dying
Nov 15, 2016

Last week during the United States presidential elections, a measure was voted in to allow end-of-life options in Colorado. Proposition 106 was passed overwhelmingly with more than

Belgian Euthanasia Review Committee (FCEE) reports on 2014-2015
Nov 13, 2016

In these 2 years, the FCEE reported 3950 performances of euthanasia (1928 in 2014 and 2022 in 2015; an average of 165 per month), 1.8% of all deaths. In over 99% it concerned euthanasia (by injection). It strikes that since 2014 the rate per year starts to level off: was that over 14% in previous years, in 2014 and 2015 that percentage was 6.7% and 4.77%.

Comité d’évaluation euthanasie belge (CFEE) rapport sur 2014-2015
Nov 13, 2016

Dans ces 2 années sont signalés aux performances CFUE 3950 d’euthanasie (1928 en 2014 et 2022 en 2015 ; 165 par mois en moyenne), 1,8 % de tous les décès. En plus de 99 % concernait l’euthanasie (par injection). Il est clair que depuis 2014 par an débute à niveau : a été que plus que dans les années précédentes (plus de 14 %) en 2014 et 2015 6,7 % et 4,77 %. 

South African Supreme Court of Appeal heard the challenges to the Robin Stransham-Ford High Court ruling
Nov 7, 2016

The South African Supreme Court of Appeal met on 4 November 2016 to hear the challenges to the Robin Stransham-Ford High Court ruling. In this ruling the High Court granted the terminally ill man a physician assisted death. He died on the day the High Court announced its ruling.  After hearing arguments, the Supreme Court of Appeal reserved judgement - their decision is expected next month.