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European Division of WFRtDS

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A number of terminal health states worse than death
Sep 5, 2016

A cohort study (Rubin, Buehler ands Halpern), published as research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine examines how hospitalized patients with serious illnesses evaluate states of cognitive or functional debility relative to death.  By asking 180 hospitalized patients with serious

New euthanasia lobby group launched in Australia
Sep 5, 2016

Australian journalist Andrew Denton has launched a new campaign for assisted dying in Australia. Denton, a well-known radio and television personality, delivered an address to the Australian Press Club recently in which he called for rapid law reform: "To the politicians of South Australia and to those of Victoria, Tasmania and NSW, who can expect new Bills

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 162
Sep 5, 2016

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 162; English excerpt can be read here.

August 2016 Newsletter Final Options Illinois published
Aug 8, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter Final Options Illinois published - to be read here.

La loi sur la fin de vie est entree en vigueur cette Août
Aug 7, 2016

La loi sur la fin de vie entre en vigueur cette semois. Le texte a été adopté en février, après plusieurs années de débats et crée de nouveaux droits pour les patients en fin de vie. La loi sur la fin de vie complète la loi Leonetti qui depuis 2005 accorde un droit au laisser-mourir et donne la possibilité de mettre fin à l'acharnement thérapeutique. Pas question toutefois de légaliser l'euthanasie active ou le suicide assisté. Pour les malades il-y-a deux changements:

The Leonetti/Claeys End-of-Life law came into force this month
Aug 7, 2016

The Leonetti/Claeys End-of-Life law came into force this month. The text was adopted in February 2016, after several years of debate and creates new rights for patients at the end of life. The End of life Act completes the Leonetti law which, since 2005, grants a right to let to die and gives the possibility to terminate therapeutic persistence. This law however does not deal with legalising active euthanasia or assisted suicide. Patients get two possibilities: firstly, a right to "deep and continuous sedation until death", i.e. a right to fall asleep before dying without suffering. A patient with a serious and incurable disease

August 8: Dying to Know Day in Australie
Aug 7, 2016

D2KDay (Dying to Know Day) is officially celebrated on August 8th each year in Australia.

Another 'go' at aid-in-dying legislation in Ireland
Aug 7, 2016

Minister of State for Innovation John Halligan says he believes in assisted suicide and would help someone if they were terminally ill and in pain. The Independent Waterford TD has written an assisted suicide Bill which he hopes will be introduced shortly. “The objective of the Bill is that people who are terminally ill, who will die within six months, who are going through fin de vie publishes booklet on self deliverance
Aug 7, 2016

AAVIVRE... de fin de sa vie a publié la brochure « Le Fascicule de Sûre-vie » Il fournit des informations très bien écrites, par exemple quelles sont les mesures à prendre quand on veut décider pour vous-même. La brochure peut être commandée de AAVIVRE... sa fin de Vie et est disponible uniquement

ADMD-B publishes its Newsletter no 140
Aug 7, 2016

ADMD-B publishes its Newsletter no 140 (in French only).