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California Lawmakers Introduce Oregon-Style Assisted Suicide Bill
Jan 29, 2015

(Reuters) - California lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday to legalize assisted suicide in the most populous U.S. state, an effort tearfully welcomed by the mother of Brittany Maynard who moved to Oregon last year to avail herself of a death-with-dignity law there. The bill proposed by two

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 1, 2015 published
Jan 29, 2015

NVVE, the Dutch RtD Society, published the 1rst issue of 2015 of RELEVANT, their quarterly magazine.

An English summary can be read here.

New Book with essays on assited suicide to appear in the UK
Jan 25, 2015

On January 29, 2015 I'll See Myself Out, Thank You will appear. These essays are brought together and edited by Colin Brewer and Michael Irwin. It will be available from Amazon.comA series of recent landmark cases have highlighted the issues surrounding assisted suicide and

Will Washington DC be one of next states to legalise?
Jan 20, 2015

Washington D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh has introduced legislation that would make physician-assisted suicide legal in the nation’s capital for individuals with a terminal illness. The bill would establish a process by which a terminally ill patient expected to live no longer than six months could request medication to end his or her life.
If the legislation is adopted, the District would join five states

UK Legislation to give terminally ill patients the right to die unlikely to be passed before May general election
Jan 18, 2015

The Guardian reported: The assisted dying bill proposed by former Labour lord chancellor Lord Falconer of Thoroton, aiming to give terminally ill patients the right to die is unlikely to pass through parliament before May’s general election, after a debate in the Lords only managed to address only a handful of over 150 amendments to be discussed.
During Friday’s debate

Scottish Parliament's health committee started hearing on assisted suicide bill
Jan 14, 2015

The Scottish Parliament's health committee has started the hearings on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill. The first to be heard were legal experts, the police  and bodies representing medical professionals. Read here the first day's report from

Initiator Truus Postma of Dutch Euthanasia Law died
Jan 14, 2015

Just received the message that Truus Postma (retired GP who in 1972 applied euthanasia on the seriously ill mother died in December last year. She was picked up by the police, the villagers of Noordwolde came massively in action. Still she  was prosecuted and her case (resulting in 1 week suspended sentence) in 1973 became world news.

Prescribing end-of-life conversation
Jan 13, 2015

Read an interesting article on communication around the end-of-life.  When debating end-of-life care,  many times these debates are limited to a "yes or no" towards assisted (aid) in dying. We tend to forget that the end-of-life starts earlier then the moment where doctors say

Guide for professionals on Refraining from Food and Fluids published in the Netherlands
Jan 13, 2015

In a position paper from 2011, the Royal Dutch Medical Association (RDMA) ascertained that physicians must be better trained to provide guidance to patients who choose to stop eating and drinking. Today the RDMA - together with the Dutch Nurses' Association - issued a guideline to

Study shows Norwegian doctors perform euthanasia 40 times annually
Jan 12, 2015

Ole Peder Kjeldstadli, chair of the Norwegian RtD Society Foreningen Retten til en Verdig Død, commented in Dagbladet on an article by Karsten Hytten and Svein Aarseth concerning the practice of euthanasia in Norway. After explaining the differences between passive and active euthanasia, Kjelstadli says “…when the right to self-determination, in principle, is legally respected when it comes to passive euthanasia, it is in my opinion inconsistent not to respect the self-determination when there is talk of (active) euthanasia”. He continues