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ADMD-France lance une nouvelle campagne
Dec 5, 2016

Mort il y a 114 ans, Émile Zola se retournerait-il dans sa tombe ou serait-il au contraire ravi d'être embauché pour réclamer la légalisation de l'euthanasie ? Imitant le célèbre article rédigé par l'écrivain au cours de l'affaire Dreyfus, l'Association pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité (ADMD) lance en effet une nouvelle campagne pour faire avancer sa cause et stigmatiser les engagements non tenus des pouvoirs publics. Les visuels de la campagne commencent par un "J'accuse… !",

December 2016 Newsletter Final Options Illinois published
Dec 4, 2016

Final Options Illinois published - by e-mail - their December 2016 Newsletter. Read it here.

November 2016 News Update Go Gentle
Dec 4, 2016

Australian Go Gentle published its November 2016 Newsletter (updating on 'progress' in South Australia). Read it here.

Victorian Parliament approves Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016
Dec 4, 2016

The Victorian Parliament has last month passed the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016 which will grant legal recognition of Advance Care Directives. The aim of the new law is to enable you to

A first report on half a year of euthanasia in Quebec
Nov 29, 2016

Quebec’s commission on end-of-life care published its first half-year report since medical aid in dying was allowed in December 2015. 161 reports were made, of which 85 have been assessed. 76 Reports still wait assessment by the commission.

Assisted dying in the Benelux
Nov 29, 2016

A whitepaper is published by Neil Francis of Dying for Choice Australia, providing comprehensive insight into assisted dying practice in Benelux. Francis concludes that rates of assisted dying in the Netherlands and Belgium have followed an expected sigmoid curve, now beginning to level out. Several factors have contributed to

Death with Dignity law passed by Council in Washington D.C.
Nov 29, 2016

The Council of the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) approved a Death with Dignity law. It was on final passage, with a 11 to 2 vote in favor. The legislation is supported by 67 percent of District residents. The bill is now sent to Mayor Bowser. A spokesperson for the mayor said

Newsletter Deutsche DGHS published
Nov 18, 2016

DGHS, the German RtD Society published its Newsletter November 2016. Read it here. (in German only)

Newsletter Deutsche DGHS publiziert
Nov 18, 2016

DGHS, die Deutsche RtD Society publizierte Ihre Newsletter November 2016.

Death with Dignity Bill 2016 defeated in South Australian Parliament
Nov 18, 2016

After the agreed Parliamentary debate on 17 November, the McFetridge Bill was sadly defeated. At 4.12 am on November 18 the debate closed in a tied vote 23:23. The Speaker cast his vote: against. He always was