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European Division of WFRtDS

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Swiss Federal Statistical Office reports 742 cases of assisted suicide in 2014
Nov 3, 2016 The Swiss Federal Statistical Office reports that Switzerland saw 742 cases of assisted suicide in 2014, a 26% increase over the previous year.  Assisted suicide accounted for 1.2% of all deaths in Switzerland. The vast majority of those who died by assisted suicide were terminally ill. Men and women were nearly

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 163
Nov 2, 2016

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 163, in which special attention for a workshop on Living Wills in the scope of 40th anniversary - congratulations JSDD. Also A Memorial Address for Honorary Chairman, Dr. Akihiro Igata, who passed away.

West Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society (WAVES) changes name
Nov 1, 2016

The West Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society (Inc)  (WAVES) has changed its name to DYING WITH DIGNITY WESTERN AUSTRALIA (Inc) (DWDWA). Our email contact is now Details such as office bearers and our mailing address remain as before, see information here.

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 4, 2016 published
Oct 31, 2016

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 4, 2016 published. Read the summary (English) hereFor Dutch readers (and to see the pictures) click here for the full (Dutch) version

Press statement WF President re New Zealand Police raids
Oct 26, 2016

WFRtDS President Sean Davison sent out a a media release (see below) about  Wellington (NZ) police that may have used an alcohol checkpoint to gather information about elderly women attending euthanasia meetings. The women had been attending an Exit International meeting on a Sunday afternoon early this month in the Lower Hutt suburb of Maungaraki. As they left, about 4pm, all

First steps in New Jersey: Assembly passed Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act
Oct 24, 2016

The New Jersey Assembly passed bill A 2451 ‘Aid in Dying or the Terminally Ill Act’ by a 41-28 vote with five abstentions. This act would allow people facing a terminal illness and less than six months left to live, to end their lives by taking lethal drugs prescribed by their physician. Physicians will not be prosecuted when

Next stage for South-Australia in Voluntary Euthanasia legislation
Oct 22, 2016

On October 19 the South-Australian Parliament debated a new Death with Dignity Bill presented by Liberal MP Duncan McFetridge. The planned next stage debate on the original VE Bill 2016 from Labour MP Steph Key was - with her consent - postponed to the end of this year (possibly 1 December): her bill is NOT withdrawn.

Excitement in Washington DC
Oct 16, 2016

On October 5, 2016 the Committee on Health and Human Services of the Council of the District of Columbia approved an important assisted dying bill. With their 3-2 markup vote, Councilmembers took a crucial step to providing District residents with more autonomy in their final days. The bill now moves to the full Council for a vote on October 18.

New Swiss member for WFRtDS: Vita Perfecta
Oct 16, 2016

Vita Perfecta is admitted as interim member of WFRtDS. Visit their website (in progress).

Dutch Government's plans for legal aid in dying in case of completed life stirs emotions
Oct 15, 2016

Health Minister Edith Schippers has written a letter to the Dutch Parliament announcing her plan to legalize assisted suicide for older people who are generally healthy but feel they have led a full life. In defence of this proposal she writes: “It is needed to address the needs of older people who do not have the possibility to continue life in a meaningful way, who are struggling with the loss of independence and reduced mobility, and who have a sense of loneliness,