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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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Australian Journal of Asssited Dying article on misinformation
Apr 5, 2016

Just released in the Journal of Assisted Dying is a new research article providing a forensic analysis of the current Dutch ‘Groningen Protocol’ regulation and its history, and changes in Dutch practices in regard to hastening neonatal deaths (once a rare act and now even more rare). The analysis also provides a

Death of right-to-die campaigner, Dr Libby Wilson (UK)
Mar 30, 2016

It is with great regret that Friends at the End announces that its former convener and medical advisor, Dr Libby Wilson died on 29 March in Glasgow. Libby, who would have celebrated her ninetieth birthday in July, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several weeks ago but refused any further medical treatment and died peacefully at her home in the West End of the city with her family around her.

First unofficial report on Dutch Euthanasia numbers for 2015
Mar 23, 2016

One of the chairpersons of one of the Dutch Review Commissions reported unofficially when giving a presentation at a Dutch Symposium on the trend in numbers for 2015. Was the increase in 2014 and earlier 10 - 15 %,  the expectation for 2015 will be

South Australia VES' new Newsletter
Mar 23, 2016

South Australian VES published its update newsletter nr. 25 on the developments in SA. See here.

Appeal to register for WFRtDS Conference in Amsterdam
Mar 18, 2016

FINAL Program is ONLINE now; click here to go to the conference website

Are you still not sure if you want to come? Click here for an appeal   and ..... 


Update on USA developments from Death with Dignity National Center
Mar 18, 2016

Death with Dignity National Center brings us regularly up to date on what happens around the USA under the motto: The year of successes continues. Click here for the Newsletter and clarifying legislative map of the USA.

French book on Advanced Directives published
Mar 12, 2016

Pascal Landa of AAVIVre... sa fin de vie has published a book on why and how to write your Advanced Directives. The information can be used by all but is specifically tailored for the French situation, and thus has been written in French. If you wish to procure a hard copy of the book please fill out the ORDER FORM which includes the information for wire payment.

Livre en Français sur Directives Anticipées publié
Mar 12, 2016

Pascal Landa de AAVIVre... sa vie de vie a publié un livre décrivant pourquoi et comment rédiger vos Directives Anticipées. Le contenu est adapté à la situation en France et uniquement disponible en Français.

Canadian euthanasia pioneer choose to die in Switzerland
Mar 3, 2016

The founder of Right to Die Society of Canada, John Hofsess, died on Monday. John died on February 29, 2016, as planned, in Basel, Switzerland. At age 78, he had been diagnosed with two terminal illnesses and an unstable heart. Prior to his death, John wrote

Les demandes d'aides au suicide ont explosé en Suisse: Chiffres de l'association Exit
Mar 3, 2016

Pourquoi Docteur (blog de Canada) a écrit: En Suisse alémanique, l'association Exit a accompagné vers la mort 782 patients l'an dernier, c'est 30 % de plus qu'en 2014. En Suisse romande, la tendance semble identique.

Resumé: L’association Exit Suisse alémanique a rendu public ses chiffres pour l’année 2015 : les demandes d’aides au suicide « ont explosé » : 782 « cas » en 2015, soit « 30% de plus qu’en 2014 ». Exit Suisse romande devrait publier ses chiffres en avril, mais déjà « la tendance semble identique ».