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Quebec law: five years ago today
Dec 3, 2014

Today, December 3, it was five years ago that the first steps towards Québec's aid in dying law were set. In an article in  Le Soleil, Yvon Bureau and Ghislain Leblond write about these  delightful days. The creation (unanimous!) of a Commission by the Québec government finally lead to the law. As they write:

Quebec Soins de fin de vie: cinq ans déjà
Dec 3, 2014

Aujourd'hui, le 3 décembre, c'était il y a cinq ans que les premiers pas vers l'aide du Québec en droit mourant ont été fixés. Dans un article dans Le Soleil, Yvon Bureau et Ghislain Leblond écrivent au sujet de cettes jours délicieux.

Lire l'article  ici.

French Ethical Committee produces comprehensive report on death and dying
Nov 29, 2014

The French National Advisory Council of Ethics (CCNE) has published a voluminous report on the end of life in October. The report found consensus on the issue of the wishes of the person, the urgency of improvements of conditions of support for the end-of-life by the health system, of the imperative obligation of the treatment of pain. In contrast, the CCNE observed

CCNE: Consensus et divergences sur la fin de vie
Nov 29, 2014

Le Conseil Consultatif National d’Éthique (CCNE) a publié le 23 octobre dernier un volumineux rapport sur la Fin de vie. Celui-ci fait un constat de consensus sur le respect des volontés de la personne, l’urgence d’améliorations des conditions de prise en charge de la fin de vie par le système de santé, de l’impérieuse obligation du traitement de la douleur. Par contre, le CCNE observe en revanche la persistance

Research publication on counselling for non-physician assisted suiced in the Netherlands
Nov 18, 2014

Martijn Hagens, VUmc researcher, published ( BMC Health Services Research 2014, 14:455) the results of his cross sectional research into the practice of the counsellors cooperating with De Einder (one of the Dutch RtD Societies and member of WFRtDS). Of the 595 clients (of 12 counsellors) included in his research, 1/3 rd had no direct wish to end their life, but

Dramatic rise in Israeli living wills
Nov 18, 2014 reports about a dramatic increase of Israelis having signed forms requesting permission to put an end to their own lives, 12.000 over just 740 who did so in 2013.
Currently, euthanasia, also dubbed “mercy killings”, in which a doctor or other agent puts an end to the life of a patient – usually an elderly person with a terminal

Japanese JSDD publishes its new Newsletter
Nov 18, 2014

JSDD has published its Newsletter nr 155, with news on the organizational changes and developments of legalisation. Changes concern the narrowing of the objectives to death with dignity according to living wills.

RTVD Sweden presented itself at a Fair for the elderly
Nov 18, 2014

For the first time, and as a test,  RTVD's secretary Berit Hasselmark, was present with an information stall at a Fair for the elderly and retired in Stockholm It materialized all right in September and the success can be measured from the many Swedes who discussed the issue - yes

Belgian ADMD published its new Bulletin, nr 133
Oct 25, 2014

Belgian ADMD published its new Bulletin, nr 133. Read it here (in French only).

ADMD Belgique a publié son Bulletin no 133
Oct 25, 2014

ADMD Belgique a publié son Bulletin no 133. Lisez ici.